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Are you ready to REALLY grow your business?

Here are the proven strategies I’ve used to generate over $20,000,000 in gross sales.
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I’ve spent the last 10+ years building and selling multi-million dollar companies using online advertising and sales.

My companies have produced:

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” Logan is an entrepreneur at heart who has the vision, passion, commitment, and knowledge to take a great idea and turn it into a reality.”

- Justin Biel, Entrepreneur

” Logan has a true gift for growing the bottom line. He excels at online marketing generating and converting sales leads and cutting costs through process engineering and automation. His guidance helped me grow my small services business to a profitable enterprise with recurring revenue
at a valuation I never thought was possible”

- Nate Lawerence, J.D.

Over 50,000 companies get access to my exclusive growth hacks.

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How Can I Help You?

I’ve spent the last 10+ years building and selling multi-million dollar companies using online advertising and sales. After selling my last company I decided I genuinely want to help other people grow their companies. I enjoy advertising, sales and taking companies through huge growth. So if you’re a business that advertises online, or should be advertising online I can help you.

When I started my new business, I asked myself who do I want to work with? Who don’t I want to work with? Since I’m in a position in my life to pick and chose my clients, I’ll take advantage of it.

Online get rich quick seekers. I could help you; I’m more than capable of helping you, I just won’t. The reason I won’t is there is no such thing as “get rich quick” or “get rich easy” it takes hard work to make money online, and it’s even more difficult to build a real business that generates consistent sustainable revenue. It requires investment, time and more effort to grow and scale a business. If you don’t have a business up and running, I’m not your guy. Come back to me when you have a business, not an idea, but a business that generates revenue and you want help taking it to 7 figures and beyond.

Brick & mortar retail product companies. I could probably add some value to your business, but overall I don’t enjoy retail, and I specialize in online advertising, sales, and marketing.

Fast and easy money crowd. Sure I can probably help you dramatically increase your sales, and I can probably do it faster than the other guy, but when I hear people say “I want fast money” it usually means, “I don’t want to do any work.” My program is designed for people ready to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to grow and scale their businesses.

No business or an Idea. Since I offer personal coaching &  consulting, my time is limited. The people I can really help the most are the ones that have an existing business, with a customer base, and money to invest into advertising and marketing.

I specialize in working with coaches, consultants, service providers, agencies and growing entrepreneurs. I provide actionable results that you can use to transform your business right now. We work together to make sure you’re not just receiving the information, but you’re actually using the information and taking action.

I work with you to increase leads, increases sales and improve your value position.

In working with you, my actionable results are; improve your revenue, increase your profits and increase what you’re charging each customer by positioning you as an authority and clearly expressing your value to the client.

There’s a whole snakes nest of internet marketers out there telling people how they need to grow their email list to make millions. They will even sell you a course on how to grow our email list, sorry but I just have to laugh at these guys. The key to building a 7 figure company is not building an email list, or learning content marketing. These are small pieces of building a real company, but they certainly aren’t the foundation for growing a real business.

As a business owner, you don’t need a video dump of some guy in his basements showing you “The 7 secrets to Facebook advertising”. What you need is someone to walk you through EXACTLY how to leverage the power of Facebook and other paid advertising to generate a profit. You need someone to review your ads and help you tweak your ads to make sure you’re getting a positive ROI.

You don’t need a course on content marketing that you’ll likely never use; you need an expert copywriter to review emails, websites, sales scripts and other written materials.

Once we create new marketing, advertising and strategic plans with you, what you likely need is someone to hold you accountable and make sure your following through with our plans and goals.

You can read countless books and take endless courses, but ultimately you need to take action. Sure you can set goals to have your company make $200,000 this year or $5,000,000 this year but how are you going to get there? Unlike what the “Gurus” are telling you it’s not just building an email list, it’s not just creating a webinar, and it’s not finding the next hottest advertising trick. What you need to hit your goals is to set a strategic plan, you need to work with a team of experts that can show you EXACTLY how to grow your business and grow it successfully. I’ve done this myself multiple times and will now work with you to do it.

I’ve assembled a team of experts to help you grow your business. From Facebook & Adwords advertising experts to copywriting experts, we will examine every aspect of your business. We will work with you 1 on 1 to do everything in our power to ensure your success.

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I’ve spent the last 10+ years building and selling multi-million dollar companies.

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Do you need help with your business?

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