Like it or not (pun intended), likeability can enhance your business. Maybe it’s time to brush up on your skills.

Likeability impacts many aspects of your life, including your friendships, your romantic life, and the dynamics of your family.

But besides the interpersonal effects, likeability is also an important part of your business. In fact, developing likeability can actually increase your bottom line.

It’s a pretty logical conclusion.

As a businessperson, you need to develop and utilize relationships to get things accomplished. And even if you want to be a solo entrepreneur, you’re still going to need a support group or other operational partners.

It’s a fact of life, and business, that much of our experience will be determined by the relationships we have. Remember, in business, and many other industries, one line has stood the test of time.

It’s not just what you know that makes a difference. It’s who you know.

Of course, this idea doesn’t stand up in every instance. But as a general rule, having healthy relationship and likeability will benefit your professional career. Not only will it impact business, but it will enhance your life overall, through better relationships and a broader range of experience.

So if you need a little boost in the likeability department, here are some easy strategies to get you back on track.

  1. Look People In The Eyes – It’s simple advice, but studies show that individuals who make eye contact are perceived as more warm, compassionate, trustworthy, and emotionally stable, than those who do not.
  2. Shake Hands Firmly – Have you ever gotten the “limp wrist” shake from someone in business? It’s not a good first impression. Studies show that a firm shake conveys enthusiasm, trust and a sense of friendship.
  3. Smile And Use People’s Names – Being happy, smiling, and showing that you’ve paid enough attention to remember someone’s name can go a long way. Don’t take these necessary steps for granted.
  4. Have Interest In Other People – It’s hard to like someone who only talks about one topic – him or herself. Relationships, and likeability are dependent on a reciprocal exchange.
  5. Show Sincerity and Humility – Regardless of what the self-obsessed world of social media tells us, honesty and humility are good things. Sincerity indicates that we are honest and trustworthy. Humility shows that we are open to other people’s opinions.
  6. Don’t Be A Taker – How can you like someone that always takes and never gives back. You can’t. To be likable, and maintain strong relationships, you must give as much as you take.
  7. Be Positive – Your energy affects everyone around you. If you are genuinely positive, your likeability goes up. Overall, people enjoy working with positive people.
  8. Be Grateful – Showing that you’re grateful, means you don’t take people or the world for granted. Grateful people are appreciative, and this makes you more likable.
  9. Be Friendly – We should all be friendly to one another, and this fundamental trait is a huge step to being likable.
  10. Be Yourself – People know we’re trying to be something we’re not. Don’t hide who you are, embrace it. That is the best way to be likable.

These tips may seem basic, but that’s a good thing. Likeability is not something you should have to struggle to attain. Being a good person, caring about other people, and doing your best in the world achieve likeability.

You should strive to be likable – for both yourself and the sake of your career.