Do you have a great website with great content or services, but you just can’t get enough traffic to your site?

I have created this guide based on tried and tested methods that we use every day.

Here’s what I will cover in this post:

  • Enrich Your Content With Traffic Driven Keywords
  • Create Killer Content That Provides Value To The Reader
  • Optimizing The Onpage Experience
  • Mobile Friendly Websites Rank Better
  • Increase Traffic Through Content Promotion & Link Building

Enrich Your Content With Traffic Driven Keywords

You spent hours creating beneficial compelling content. Now you need to make sure you have your targeted keyword’s so you can rank in Google and drive traffic to your website.

The Best Way To Uncover Keywords That People Are Searching For:

Forget about your Google Keyword Planner. It gives you great information about competition but the problem is that the keywords suggested are always too similar to each other.

Here’s to kick off the top SEO tips. Let’s take a look at Google Auto Suggest.

Search for a keyword relating to your niche or industry. A drop down list of suggested phrases will show you what people are looking for, these suggestions are based on what people are actually typing in.  Select a couple of these keyword phrases and check if the first page results to see if there are any good articles or blog posts relating to the search terms. If there aren’t any, you have yourself an untapped keyword to work with. If there is lots of content available, but it’s low quality then you still have the opportunity to create something better and rank for your targeted keywords.

A better tool to use is Ubersuggest,  where they have a list of hundreds of different keywords.

A favorite keyword research tool that I like to use is SEMRush. Instead of typing the keyword, you enter the URL of your competitor’s website. It will show you a list of all the keywords they are currently ranking for.

Create Killer Content That Provides Value To The Reader

  1. Write original in-depth content that is keyword centric and highly engaging.
  2. Refrain from thin content that lacks in value.
  3. Make sure content is error free and is not copied or re-created. You can use tools like Copyscape to check that your content is original and passes Googles duplicate content test.
  4. Use bucket brigades between dense text to stop the reader from getting bored.
  5. Use the APP formula when writing content.
    Agree – The intro should let the reader know you understand their problem.
    Promise – Let the reader know that you have a solution.
    Preview – Explain what they can expect from reading the article
  6. Subheaders are equally great for splitting up content. Make sure the subheadings grab the reader’s attention.

Optimizing The On-page Experience

  • Most content on Google’s first page has an average of 1860 word. Aim for that.
  • Create infographics to give a better experience for the user.
  • Content must be optimized around your targeted keyword.
  • Use not only the exact keyword but variations to make for better readability.
  • Shorter page URL’s rank better.
  • Include your keyword within the first 100 words of your content.
  • Throw in a few outbound links to other relevant resources.

Mobile Friendly Websites Rank Better

Google has started rolling out penalties for websites that don’t load properly and are difficult to navigate when viewed on mobile devices.

Going into 2017 it’s extremely important that your website has a mobile friendly design.

Google has recently launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project that assists in developing websites for the mobile audience.

Increase Traffic Through Content Promotion & Link Building

Now that you have the perfect content published and live, it’s time to promote and build links.

How To Get Influential Bloggers Linking Back To Your Content

Google your targeted keyword. View websites on the first page with content similar to yours.

If you’re using the Chrome browser, here’s another SEO tip for you to take advantage of. Visit the store and add the Check My Links (CML) extension. Return to the page of one of the websites and click on the CML icon. The application will scan the page for broken links. Broken links will be highlighted in red.


Now all you have to do is contact the site owner and tell them about the broken links, you can even offer to fix the links in exchange for giving you a link to your site. Explain how you were actually looking for blogs like “his” to link back to your site, that your site is about XYZ keyword and you believe it would be of value to the blog owner. Most of the time they will agree as you will be doing them a favor.

Improving Your Click-Through Ratio (CTR)

When your page shows up in Googles search results, the more people who click on it, the better your click-through ratio (CTR) becomes. If your page was ranking at position 5, and your CTR is higher than the pages above you, Google collects this data and uses it to determine rankings. When Google see’s, you have a high CTR it’s perceived that your content is added value and should be displayed higher in the results, the better your CTR, the higher your rankings. Click-Through ratios are just one of 200 factors Google uses to determine rankings, but our testing has shown that CTR’s play an important factor in rankings.

Google doesn’t give you an option in there Analytics to track your CTR, but you can look at your bounce rate. Anything over 70% is considered high and means your content needs improvement.

How To Improve Your CTR?

To improve your CTR, you will need to write a title that will grab the user’s attention, accompanied by a description that gives a beneficial reason for visiting your page. To achieve this ask yourself, if I was searching for my keywords what page would I click.

The CTR Magnet Method

  1. Conduct a simple search for your desired keyword and take a look at the Adwords ads displayed in the results. Since these advertisers are typically spending thousands of dollars they have spent time and money perfecting their Adword ads; they always have some of the best titles and descriptions.
  2. Take a look at the ads and find similar words that they all seem to be using. Take these words and incorporate them into your title and description. Your CTR should start to increase.

Invite The Community To Check Out Your Content

Interact with your social community. Join the discussions, follow people and take an interest in them. They will then be more likely to check out your content and share it with their followers.

The Power of Video Marketing

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google, as people are starting to turn to video content for a better user experience (UX).

Take advantage of this powerful medium to further express concepts in on your website and in your articles. Create videos that specifically target your content. Embed the videos within your articles and or website. This will not only add to the UX, but also gives you a good outbound link to an authoritative website.

When publishing the video, make sure that the title and description focuses on your targeted keyword, and also include related tags. Stick to the same principles as you would when writing content for your website.

Let’s recap.

  • You now know how to make the most of your keyword research.
  • Write amazing content that will keep your readers interested for longer.
  • Optimize your content for SEO purposes.
  • Design a mobile friendly site to improve on rankings.
  • Promoting your content and link building.

Now it’s time for you to take what you have learned from this post and start work on your website. Or you could just hire me!