My name is Logan Chierotti; I’m a full-time entrepreneur & marketer. I’ve made a living building and selling companies.

My companies have ranked in the Inc500 fastest growing companies, TopSEOS, and more. I’ve built companies from basement startups to multinational organizations employing 100’s of people. I understand the inner workings of business and enjoy writing about business and entrepreneurship.

I’m a founder, investor and or partner in several online businesses.

My Story


To be honest, I never really liked the word entrepreneur. I used to despise people using the word entrepreneur, it felt like some fancy French word that people who had never actually started a business used to describe themselves. I’m a pretty modest guy, and you can call me whatever you want. I enjoy writing ad copy, converting sales, and online advertising. You could almost call me a modern day “Mad Men” but I’m not as cool as Don Draper and I don’t smoke or drink. I guess I’m just an advertising, copywriting nerd.