My name is Logan Chierotti; I’m a full-time entrepreneur & marketer. I’ve made a living building and selling companies using online advertising, marketing & copywriting.

My companies have ranked in the Inc500 fastest growing companies, TopSEOS, and more. I’ve built companies from basement startups to multinational organizations employing 100’s of people. I understand the inner workings of business and enjoy writing about business and entrepreneurship.

I’m a founder, investor and or partner in several online businesses.  I’m a columnist on Inc.com and Business2Community.

My Story

I was born in Eldorado Springs, Colorado (hippie town you’ve probably never heard of) in 1983. From early on I had the entrepreneurial bug, as a kid, I was constantly working on new businesses and ideas to generate money. Growing up I was surrounded by entrepreneurs, my parents had started a diaper service, and I watched them grow, struggle and ultimately go out of business.

This was hard for my family and ultimately lead to my parents divorcing and some hard times, but it taught me a lot about life and business. Later on, my Mom would as a single mom raising two boys were able to build her own successful real estate career, and my Dad worked long hard days cleaning houses so he could retire on his terms. I remain close with both my parents today and get valuable life lessons from them all the time.


To be honest, I never really liked the word entrepreneur. I used to despise people using the word entrepreneur, it felt like some fancy French word that people who had never actually started a business used to describe themselves. I’m a pretty modest guy, and you can call me whatever you want. I enjoy writing ad copy, converting sales, and online advertising. You could almost call me a modern day “Mad Men” but I’m not as cool as Don Draper and I don’t smoke or drink. I guess I’m just an advertising, copywriting nerd.



I decided I’d had enough of College, I felt like I was moving backwards. I wanted to get out there and make money, become financially independent, getting student loan bills and learning about “The History of Russian Culture” I made the decision to leave College.

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My friends and family heavily advised against the decision of leaving college, this criticism motivated me. I become heavily interested in SEO, advertising, and real estate, I spent months research SEO, browsing all the forums, reading all the books I became obsessed with ranking #1 for my real estate business.

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I launched ColoradoHomeHelper.com, it was a lead generation based site that used the IDX to generate thousands of SEO friendly pages. Only one other business was doing this, I created tens of thousands of SEO friendly niche city and subdivision pages, before you know it I was generating over 100 leads a day.

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I got into selling consumer products. I team up with a partner, and we develop and energy mint, 1 breath mint = a cup of coffee. We took off, by 2009 we were doing $3.4mm a year in sales. I didn’t love this business. So in 2010, we sold this company.

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I read Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini and it sets my life on a course of Direct Response Adventure. The idea that 1 word can turn a person from un-interested into a buyer hooks me in. I began reading any book I can on direct response copywriting & advertising.

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I saw a huge opportunity to create a reputation management company. My partner and I launched InternetReputation.com out of his basement, and within three years we were doing over $4mm a year in revenue. We grew the company to over 16,000 customers with 4 different product lines. In 2015 we sold this company…

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I got married 🙂 to the most amazing lady ever!

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I took about a year off, did a lot of fly fishing, invested in some real estate. I was enjoying my downtime after working since I was 16 (yes I worked flipping burgers back in the day).

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My son is born. After taking a year off I was eager to get back into working. I think I needed the year off to show me, retired life is not what everyone thinks its cracked up to be. If you find something you enjoy doing, then why not do it!

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Here we are in 2017.

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