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How to Increase Value When Selling Your Company

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A company purchases another business for one of two reasons. Either they believe they can increase that business’s value or they believe acquiring it will make their own company worth more. Business owners can maximize their value by proving they can help the buyer accomplish both goals. Highlighting strategic value is an important [...]

Why Use an eCommerce Business Broker? Top eCommerce Brokers

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Why You Should Use an eCommerce Business Broker to Sell your Business Selling a business is a big decision that can be a life changing event. For many of us selling our business can be one of the biggest financial decisions we've ever made. Selling an eCommerce business requires a unique broker or [...]

10 Ways To Be Instantly More Likeable (And Improve Your Business)

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Like it or not (pun intended), likeability can enhance your business. Maybe it’s time to brush up on your skills. Likeability impacts many aspects of your life, including your friendships, your romantic life, and the dynamics of your family. But besides the interpersonal effects, likeability is also an important part of your business. [...]

Looking for Fast-Track Marketing? Try PPC

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Guest post written by Brad Shorr. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow a business rapidly, PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google is a terrific option, capable of producing sales leads and/or online revenue quickly. First a quick side note about SEO. Our agency, Straight North, manages SEO and PPC campaigns, and [...]

2017 Top SEO Tips For Ranking In Google

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Do you have a great website with great content or services, but you just can’t get enough traffic to your site? I have created this guide based on tried and tested methods that we use every day. Here’s what I will cover in this post: Enrich Your Content With Traffic Driven Keywords Create [...]

Don’t be the Pioneer with the Arrow in Your Back

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How to Find a Profitable Niche Online Using Keyword Tools “Pioneers are usually the ones lying face down in the mud with arrows in their backs.” Are you struggling to find a profitable niche online? Well that’s probably because you’re trying to reinvent the wheel rather than building off others who blazed the [...]