In my previous post, 5 Secrets to High Ticket Sales, I laid the foundation for why and how to attract high-end clients. Advice included providing measurable success that demonstrates a real difference in your client’s business, practicing extemporaneous presentations, gauging client receptivity, positioning yourself as an expert in your field, and boiling down a deal to its essential components. Now I want to give you the tools you need to find and attract high-end clients for long-lasting profitability.

Attracting High-End Clients

Design High-End Services

At the heart of selling to high-end clients is having a high-end service. Anything less will resemble trying to sell chain-store goods to boutique-style shoppers. You have to make a considerable commitment of time, energy, and capital to design high-end services and programs. Your high-end services must deliver better results than services you previously offered – otherwise, clients won’t have a reason to spend the extra money. Luckily, designing high-end services is relatively easy.

First, create a very specific program that accommodates a need in your target niche – in this case, high-end clients. Write down the elements of your program, such as the name of the service, the need for the service, and what things would be like with your service. Include the way your service fills a specific need or fixes a problem. List several benefits the client will get with your service, and describe how you implement your service. Finally, include a call to action to find out more about your service.

This is the most important part of attracting high-end clients. If you can’t deliver high-end services, then you can’t and shouldn’t be charging high-end prices. If you’re selling youtube vidoes on how to grow your email list, is this really a high end service? I would argue it’s not. It could be changed to offer more specialized services and turned into a high-end offer, but just dumping vidoes on someone is not high-end services.

Create Marketing Materials to Match

Next, create marketing strategies and sales processes that communicate the message that you provide high-end services. Every piece of content you deliver should clearly demonstrate that you are a source of high-quality, polished, and professional services with attention to detail and exceptional results. How your target audience perceives you is key to whether they will buy your high-end services. Here are some marketing materials you should present very professionally, targeted toward high-end individuals:

  • Exquisitely designed website. These days, high-end clients aren’t impressed with anything less than the best when it comes to site design. Invest in a professional website designer to highlight your services, educate prospects, and prove that you are a credible business person.
  • Informational articles. Create an original, high-quality article or report to circulate to prospective high-end clients. This report should be a thorough, in-depth source of information about your services to clients. The goal of your report should be to educate and inform, not to sell.
  • Audiovisual elements. Incorporating videos, webinars, or audio recordings on your website can boost your appeal and give your audience a better understanding of your services. Seek help from a professional to record this media, as poor-quality audiovisual content will hurt rather than help your brand.
  • Provide prospective clients with a questionnaire that asks how your services can help them. Include questions that will get the client brainstorming about his or her current situation, goals for the future, and challenges to overcome. Having prospects fill out a questionnaire shows that you are committed to helping them.

You may not be able to whip up these services and marketing materials overnight – after all, quality and craftsmanship are the keys to high-end businesses – but the time invested is well worth the effort. Designing high-end services and putting in the extra effort on marketing is the only way to create a sustainable, profitable, and fulfilling business.

Creating an Automated System 

Facebook has opened a new world of advertising with targeting like we’ve never seen before. Recently Facebook launched advertising messaging, with personalized advertising being more important than ever, this is a great way to establish relationships and demonstrate value.

There are a number or chatbots that you can use to create automated conversions that give the prospect the feeling of personalized service. Setting up a sales funnel that runs from Facebook into your high-end offer can be easy as the below.

Now this looks simple and a lot of gurus want you to think it’s simple, but the proof is in the numbers. You need to be analyzing and optimizing your funnel until you are getting the perfect conversions.  As an example, you should be aiming ot get a 10% webinar registration, then a 50% or higher of those people should be attending your webinar.

Make Good on Your Promises

With a well-designed high-end service and carefully articulated marketing materials to match, you’ve earned the right to up the price point. Your content has made clients feel high end, giving you the freedom to charge fees according to this standard. But with high-ticket services comes a certain level of responsibility. Once you’ve successfully marketed to and attracted these clients, do not let them down with sub par service. You must fulfill the promises you sold clients in your advertisements, going above and beyond to justify the cost of what you have to offer.

When selling to high-end clients, your marketing efforts have to be polished, professional, and impactful. They must exhibit the same kind of upper-echelon, cream-of-the-crop attitude your high-priced services represent. Your marketing should give clients a reason to fulfill your call to action and become return customers. With these tips, you’re ready to start selling for more.